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welcome to Infinite Light transformation services

we would like to announce that we are now offering the First Nations members in our community access to psychological services through the direct billing program with a Psychologist.

this means that you do have benefit coverage - to get your appointments paid by the Government using your treaty number or your family's history, if they have ever been in a residential school system

please contact us for more information

let us help you … we can get you to a place where you feel that you are accepted and loved for who you are... because you are worth it!! 

life is... 

life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

life is beauty, admire it.  life is a dream, realize it. 

life is a challenge, meet it.  life is a duty, complete it.

life is a game, play it.  life is a promise, fulfill it. 

life is sorrow, overcome it.  life is a song, sing it. 

life is a struggle, accept it.  life is a tragedy, confront it. 

life is an adventure, dare it.  life is luck, make it. 

life is too precious, do not destroy it.  life is life, fight for it.

mother teresa

embrace who you are, find authenticity and be free

Anna comes from a metis background and teaches from compassion, from a place of experience and transformation in her own journey- she understands the internal pain of the negative impact of generational darkness.  Anna guides you to embrace your authenticity and acceptance for yourself; using skills of meditation,  energy healing, power of numbers, one on one private counseling, and educational healing groups.  she teaches you to still the negative thoughts and how to challenge the darkness that is within, to find the courage to embrace love and self acceptance.  you are strong enough and so much better than this world has brought you up to be... give yourself the chance to be brave and allow her to teach you to fight for yourself.  this can and will help you move forward with a different perspective for life. 

This is your life too, we are here to help you find your place in this world, to help you feel like you belong and to help you feel like you are worth living for.

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