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blog and testimonial

this page - blog and testimonial is designed to provide you with stories to relate with and to heal with... stories of powerful testimonies of transformation and empowerment. throughout our groups and therapeutic process, we will be posting many stories of courage from those in our community - how change can happen and transformation can be made


Expression Painting will be up for auction

We will be donating this 18"X24" painting to 'The Breakfast Club Youth Program' here in Grande Prairie for the Suicide Prevention Resource Centre's 9th Annual Fundraiser's silent auction on October 19th. 

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

'Because I can' by Anna Peters, artist, transformation specialist and owner of Infinite Light transformation services

Painting Narrative: "this painting was expressed at a time when I was embracing transformation. Life became possible and I chose to become an amazing woman that represented freedom and creative light. When I look at this painting, I feel the beautiful strength that is within myself and the independence that has come from my own story. I see the opportunities of adventure that life has given me and the reflection of beautiful emotional release. This painting is a fantastic example of just how great the meaning of transformation is… the great movement from a life of trauma into a life of amazing love and embrace of incredible change. In this painting, I am celebrating my choice to embrace the freedom and to release my inner child, through creative expression - without judgement and rejection from myself or others… because I can." -Anna


I get it

it is scary to sit in a place thinking that you were made wrong.

the negative beliefs and thoughts that live within you are your reality - the reality that you run from and make choices from.

this becomes your darkness 

it can  and does become so heavy that you can barely handle it - never mind bring it to the surface for everyone else to see and put judgement on. I get the whole battle!!  

you feel comfortable being there but you hate it... this is what you know and what you don't know scares you 

you visualize yourself screaming on the inside, as you smile on the outside... shaking hands with people at work, or at church, or on the street, or at the market, or at home with your kids.  I understand. It can seem as though we are all like porcelain dolls, wearing masks.   

it can be painful to even think about starting a healing process. you are not alone, many people feel this way too. feel safe to become aware that this is what is real to you, right now and it can change... IT CAN CHANGE



it is okay that you are heavy with burden and deep rooted sorrow.

it is okay that you are feeling grief and hurting. 

it is okay that you have feelings of abandonment and that you are feeling like people are always judging you, 

that you don’t belong. 


create a new feeling – I’m okay. 


one thing that I’ve found, over many years of therapy… it is so easy to pretend and to let yourself be molded by other people’s opinions and belie. It is so easy to fall into a place that is ‘not real’  to yourself.  I pretended for many years, this is what I want to be – and then I would read books on how to get there and set forward a plan in motivating myself through inspiration and what I thought was a new mindset. that was my fantasy – adapting to be what I thought I was supposed to be. after a while, I became frustrated… my health and relationships were failing. I was moving apart from myself. I struggled with the idea of belonging here. I had no idea who I was anymore and I definitely did not feel safe - safe enough to explore change within myself. -Anna

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