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Anna Peters - transformation specialist & owner of infinite light transformation services

counselling hypnotherapist, reiki & bio energy practitioner, motivational & inspirational healing therapist, group facilitator

a little about me

our story has shaped us into who we are (how we react and how we make decisions).  our story is NOT who we are, sometimes we get lost in our story and need help in finding our authentic self.  I know how to find the authentic self and how to connect with the whole self, to become real and authentic;  this changes how we react, how we feel, how we love and prepare for the future.  this is transformation... to now look forward to life and move forward with purpose...

 to live a life that we want...

to be the person that we want to be

I am a transformation specialist. I have overcome the face of trauma and with my valuable life experience, I move forward with the determination of change and 'hope of a better life'. I pass this on to all my clients, the empowerment that life can always be better


I am a motivational & inspirational healing therapist:  I guide clients with motivational healing through inspiring and solution focused therapy, energy healing, hypnosis, power of numbers, and beautiful meditative awareness - to bring you to a place of self acceptance - to help you live life to the very fullest

I teach, inspire, motivate, and empower you to embrace the authentic self, in ways of: 

  • Inner child work - becoming aware, nurturing, connecting and growing with that inner self
  • Negative self talk & beliefs - awareness, truth and overcoming and changing the way we think about ourselves
  • Regulating self - recognizing, accepting, nurturing and self love
  • Regression - life is learning, awareness, nurturing and accepting what & where we can learn - from every situation
  • Love - what is real love and the distorted reality of the love from our story.  Truth vs lies and finding that authentic real love within - to allow ourselves to love deeper and let things go that no longer serve us

I paint emotional expression and create landscapes of brilliant color. I pass on emotional expression technique, to release old energies and open up new confidence and self acceptance


I verbalize emotion and compassion with powerful stories of truth and fantasy. I pass on skills of great awareness to my clients to recognize the difference between truth and fantasy with everyday situations; enabling them to make clearer choices


I teach people truth and awareness of healing potential and the process of healing through trauma. I teach clients modalities of working through trauma & generational darkness, to recognize where it is found and to lovingly overcome it. I teach people how to nurture themselves and how to make new boundaries that feel great to empower and motivate change


allow me to show you a new perspective and how you can make choices for yourself, and your future.  allow me to show you how amazing and beautiful YOU really are!  


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