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Counselling Hypnotherapy

from a place of complete and deep relaxation, we can focus on key issues with extreme concentration - to find the solutions you desire. This is safe and successful. Placing suggestions as you wish, in ways of Story and Regression.  Hypnotherapy is useful for all issues and can be done for any age.

$100 per session

Reiki & Bio Energy Healing

$100 per session

using energy, we focus on body healing. This is a warm feeling from the hands throughout areas of the body that require a little extra attention.  Moving, removing, and putting in energy where needed.  This is very helpful for those dealing with stress in the mind and body.

Motivational & Inspirational  Healing Therapy

solution focused therapy with a transformation specialist; we get right to the core of those key issues, the struggles and the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward. With a plan, at your own pace - you can find that freedom. 

$100 per session

Art Expression Therapy 

$100 per session

express through paint, or drawing while focusing on emotion and feelings we may not understand.  allow that inner child to express and be seen. 

Groups/ Workshops 

$30 per 2 hour group session (special group workshops are available, inquire for discounted rate) 

Psychological Services

$160 per 1 hour session

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