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Infinite Light transformation services offers a variety of healing and support groups.

HOPELESSNESS and how it feeds off me...

This group workshop is for those suffering from hopelessness or in contact with those that are suffering from hopelessness - so almost everyone. Learn some skills to begin the transformation in your life or for someone else. This group introduces you to the awareness of what hopelessness means and how it feels - putting things into perspective for you to completely understand it... and bringing forward the truth about how it formed and how we can defeat it. With beautiful tools to overcome... we can make a difference one step at a time. 

feathers healing and support group

healing/ educating/ and support for those impacted by domestic violence and childhood abuse. 

this group will allow individuals to come together in a group environment to share stories of loss and hurt; providing acceptance and friendship for each other. 

they will find comfort in each other’s unique stories and move forward in strength and hope. 

education components, safe environment, nurturing, healing, expression, and love provided. 

this group will prepare individuals to heal and develop skills to coping from past hurts in order to move forward and have opportunity to enter into the wings group.

wings healing and support group


healing/ educating / and support for those that want to look deeper and find deeper purpose.

a group designed to bring awareness and develop a sense of who they are and what their story has shaped them to be.

groups will allow individuals to look inward and focus on authenticity; allowing movement in a forward direction with skills of connection to themselves and to do so with their own guidance/ trust and faith.

there is significant focus on acceptance, what is real and what is not real, connecting with self and body, exercises and art expression therapy.

raindrops healing and support group

finding healing and support during recovery from substance/ alcohol abuse.

working in 12 session healing program of acceptance and no judgement… focusing on the coping mechanisms and why we have them. what are our triggers and what causes us to make the choices that we make; discovering truth in our story and finding courage to move forward, to not sit in silence but to change and become active in community living.

this group will provide friendship, acceptance, belonging, dealing with hurts from the past, developing and recognizing skills to cope in a healthy way and finding emotional freedom.

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