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expressive art for therapeutic release


expressive art therapy

to empower and motivate movement

“painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” -Pablo Picasso

Infinite Light transformation services provides expressive art therapy, which includes the following:

  • providing a safe and calm environment to be yourself, without judgement
  • gentle coaching to access deep emotion without reliving the trauma
  • full access to canvas and paint materials
  • fully guided art expression - releasing emotion and finding beauty in your own creation

"the beauty of expressing emotion through art is amazing... I’ve found that it is an incredible gift to be able to release through art.  It takes courage to get to a point where you can be you, to find an authentic emotion, allow the process of just being in that emotion long enough to allow it to be transferred onto an object or canvas."  


"I’ve found that over many years of repressing and keeping my emotions inside (from fear of others’ and my own judgement) that these emotions can become toxic and they will find a way to be expressed... they need to be released and dealt with."

sometimes, we end up expressing in ways that may not be healthy for us or others’ around us. emotional release can be rewarding and it can be lovely.

this process takes time but it definitely is one of the many steps to healing.

first, we need to establish safety and trust... you are safe here - safe from anyone criticizing your words, your actions, your emotions, your process. trust will come naturally after you realize that you are safe, some people don’t know trust or how it feels - that's ok, I understand because I felt the same way... your intuition will recognize this new feeling and will allow you to proceed. as much as you may not want to express or trust or feel safe... believe me, your body and soul need this and will want to do this.


we need to find the emotions that are deep and possibly hidden away. this may take some time to access, and then to recognize. we do this through calm breathing and gentle guiding. we may need to do some ‘my story’ work in order to get here.

once we access the emotions, we recognize and become aware of what they are and where they come from, accepting and nurturing this process.

we lovingly guide that emotion onto our paintbrush and place that on a blank canvas awaiting creation. this process of identifying color and matching it with emotion is a powerful process and that alone can be quite a release... to actually see the emotion -the heaviness of the pain with thickness of color in each stroke of the brush.

once you feel that all of the emotion has been expressed or that your art piece is complete... we stand back and allow yourself to see your emotion/ the hurt in your story from a new perspective, a perspective that will offer beauty and love.

art was made to overcome chaos.

- Don Jones

healing is an art.  it takes time, practice, and love


this really is amazing, I still express with every painting and I still look at each piece of art and lovingly admire my journey and how far I’ve come in my own healing. 

I can see the transformation with each art piece. I can see the steps and I honor them because it redefines how I feel about myself and ‘why’ I am here.  

right now... I am expressing in a beautiful way, expressing hurt from places that I can't even remember and you know what? 

It’s beautiful and I love it!

- Anna Peters

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